Car Rental Terms & Conditions

Download the Terms and Conditions:
  • General terms

    1. The rented vehicle is to be retuned at the renting location at the specified date, unless other pre-arrangements have been made. The car may not be transported off-island and may only be driven in Curacao.
    2. If the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is accepted, your responsibility for damage is limited to US$ 350,00 (NAf 600) on cars and US$ 500,00 (NAf 875) on pick-up trucks. In case the CDW is not accepted, you will be liable for all damages up to the full value of the rented vehicle. A security deposit will be made to cover the CDW deductible. This deposit will be refunded in full upon returning the car, and if no damage was inflicted to the rented vehicle. In case of theft and / or joyriding and vandalism you are responsible, even if you accepted the CDW Insurance for the deductible of US$ 350,00 (NAf 615) or US$ 500,00 (NAf 875). In case you declined the CDW Insurance, you will be fully liable for all the damage caused by theft and /or joyriding and vandalism. Allrisk Insurance is available at an additional cost of US$ 10.
    3. If an accident has been caused due to a traffic violation, i.e. driving faster then the law permits, driving through a red traffic light or violating any other traffic law.Traffic laws of Curacao. the CDW insurance will be automatically declined (if accepted) and you will be responsible for all the costs of the damage caused to the rental car.
    4. In case of driving on unpaved and / or sandy roads all risk and costs including but not limited to damage, towing and cleaning are for your account. Your CDW insurance (if accepted) will be declined automatically. Driving in the Christoffel Park is at your own risk. The insurance will not cover any damage incurred in the park making you fully responsible for any damage.
    5. All our cars are provided with a spare tire and necessary tools. In case of a flat tire you are responsible for replacing this tire and for the costs of repair.
    6. Only the renter and the authorized “additional drivers”, which are mentioned and specified on the rental agreement, are authorized to drive the car. In case of any accident and the driver is not mentioned as the renter or “additional driver” on the contract, the CDW insurance protections is voided, and you are responsible for full value of any damage.
    7. Please do not to leave any valuables in the car. If circumstances do not allow you to take your valuable with you we advice to store them in the car’s trunk. Oostwest Car rental & Carwash can not be held responsible for any loss and/or theft of valuables from the rented car.
    8. If the car keys of the rented car, are lost US$ 114,30 (NAf 200) will be charged on your rental agreement.
    9. The motor vehicle is used for Rental purposes only.
    10. The Company shall in no way be liable for damages and/or injuries sustained by the occupants of the motor vehicle;
    11. If the person driving the motor vehicle at the time the accident 1) is below the age 23 years and/or 2) held a valid legal driving licence for a period of less than 1 year and/or 3) has been convicted for any traffic offence and/or if the motor vehicle is hired to Marines and/or crew members of ships then all benefits under the within Policy stand forfeited.
  • Return of the vehicle

    All vehicles are delivered clean. The vehicle must be brought back clean. Oostwest Car rental & Carwash charges US$ 11.00 if the vehicle is not clean. Fuel tank must be return at the same level otherwise Oostwest Car rental & Carwash will charges US$18.00 for each ¼ fuelltank.

    Late return of the vehicle

    The vehicle must be returned on the agreed time. For every 30 minutes late Oostwest Car rental & Carwash charges US$ 6,00. If the vehicle is returned 3 hours after the agreed time, one (1) day rate will be applied for the vehicle (Oostwest Car rental & Carwash will charge a complete day).

  • Deposit

    Deposit is the amount that Oostwest Car rental & Carwash asks (as guarantee) for the vehicle. Deposit does not covers serious damage to the vehicle. The deposit is only for in case of the vehicle is brought back too late; small damages; less fuel, damage on tire. In aforesaid (and similar) cases the chargeable amount will be deducted from the deposit.
  • Insurance

    The renter assures himself of the fact that the vehicle is insured for only 3rd part and agreed with this. In case of an accident caused by the renter, he/she will be responsible for the complete damage to the vehicle. Under all circumstances the driver must be 23 years or older.

    The vehicle may only be used by the authorized driver(s). In case of an accident by an non-authorized driver, all expenses related to the accident will be charged to of the renter (primary driver).
  • What to do in case of joyriding, theft and accidents

    In case of joyriding/theft:
    notify the police department, telephone 911

    In case if an accident:
    call Curacao Road Service(CRS), telephone 199.

    You have to notify Oostwest Car rental & Carwash immediately in case of joyriding, theft and accidents. A damage report has to be presented, within 24 hours of the accident at our Main Office at Rooi Santu 650, Willemstad. In the case that you can not provide us such a report your right of the CDW insurance (if accepted) will be declined and you will be responsible for all damages caused to our rental car.

    The Insurance companies require a police report and CRS Accident report. If the police and / or the CRS agent is not notified the CDW insurance protection is voided and you will be responsible for the full value of the damage.

  • Liability

    The renter agrees that he/she is responsible in case of joyriding of the vehicle. The renter also agrees that he/she is the only person driving the vehicle. If it appears that a non authorized person is driving the vehicle, Oostwest Car rental & Carwash will confiscate the vehicle immediately. In such case the deposit and one day rate will be charged
  • Prolongation of the renting period

    If you wish to extend the renting period, you must communicate this to Oostwest Car rental & Carwash before 10:00 in the morning on the return day of the vehicle.