About Oost West,
Car Rental & Carwash.

Oost West is one of the leading car rental agencies in Curacao, we offer all types of cars with the possibility to pick you up at the airport, hotel or at home. Whether you need a car or a truck, Oost West is there to support your mobility needs, whatever they may be.

Oostwest Car rental & Carwash,

located at the East side of Curacao.

Car Rental

Curacao is well known for the many tourist attractions spread over the island, renting a car helps making your stay even better. Oost West offers vehicles from various brands and types at low rental rates and a hassle-free customer experience. By renting at Oost West Car Rental you can always count on paying the lowest price available and special prices when renting for longer periods.


Having a large fleet to wash and maintain eventually makes you an expert at washing cars. Oost West decided to offer their expertize in washing cars with the general public by opening Oost West Carwash. All vehicles are welcome, even large trucks and busses can be washed with out a problem. The Carwash-On-Wheels is an addition to our carwash-services. For clients who can't come to us we are more then happy to go to them.

Run by locals, ready to serve you with a smile.